Trello is changing this week. But don’t panic! Just read this post instead…

If you’re a Trello user, you’ve probably seen an email from them recently, letting you know that personal boards will no longer be a thing from this week onwards.

It’s being rolled out from tomorrow, and I’ve seen a lot of confusion over what this actually means for people.

First of all, the main concern has been that people’s personal boards are going to disappear if they don’t add them to a workspace today. That’s NOT the case, so if that’s your worry, you can breathe again now!

Instead, any personal boards will be automatically added to a workspace when the switch happens, and if you have more than 10 boards in there, you’ll be asked to upgrade from the free subscription and automatically put onto a 14-day trial of Business Class.

Trello don’t take any card details from you, so your trial will just run out without you having to pay them anything.

Which means you have another two weeks to get your boards in order! 😉

You can have as many workspaces as you want on the free package, so if you have 100 boards and don’t want to pay, then create 10 workspaces and put 10 boards in each one.

There’s a really good “Help” area in Trello, and this article takes you through the changes in more detail.

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