Pathway to Paperless

Once you’ve decided that Paperless is the way you want to go, this monthly programme will give you 1:1 guidance on finding the right apps to suit your bookkeeping business and support in getting them up and running.  You’ll get one hour of Zoom calls with me each month, plus online support in between.

£180 per month

Quickie Paperless Brain Pick

Do you have one burning question that’s niggling at you, or stopping you taking that next step towards going paperless?  Perhaps you want some guidance on how to begin your journey, but not enough to warrant a full Power Hour.  Book a 15-minute Zoom call to pick my brains and get a quick answer.



Inbox Detox

How’s your email inbox right now?

Is it a calm and organised system that’s working for you and your clients? Or is it an endless, messy list that you have to wade through every day and just hope you don’t miss something important?

If it’s the latter, then you need an Inbox Detox!  For £99 you can hand your inbox over to me and I’ll set up rules and filters to make sure you get to see your important messages, unsubscribe from the junk and set the less important stuff to one side until you’ve decided what to do with it.

I promise your peace of mind will thank you for it! 

Online Form Setup

How are your business’s forms set up?

On paper, in a Word document or a PDF that has to be manually entered into your CRM, payroll/HR or accounts software?

An online form is easy to share with your clients/employees, less likely to get lost, and can be encrypted so that the data it contains stays secure.

Get online forms set up in Cognito Forms from £79 each.

If you have a number of forms you’d like setting up, please get in touch for a project price instead.

Online Filing Cabinet Setup

Systems such as Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive are a simple way to have all your data to hand wherever you’re working.

But unless they’re set up in a structured way, they’re not going to be as helpful as you’d want them to be.

Get them working for you by organising all your files into a system of folders, with a logical flow of “paperwork” through it.

And for £99, you can get that system set up for you.

Monthly bookkeeping

Bookkeeping services

Accurate bookkeeping is essential for knowing how well your business is performing.  Take away the headache of trying to do it all yourself, so you can focus on growing your business and helping your clients.

Packages start from £55 per month. (Price quoted is for sole trader bookkeeping, few monthly transactions with accounting software and a basic Self Assessment tax return.)

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