How to make sure you can always find the right document in your Cloud storage software

Access your information anywhere

Setting up a Cloud storage system such as Dropbox or Google Drive is a great way of making sure you can access all your paperwork wherever you happen to be.

But if you’re out and about and need to access a document quickly before you get on with your day, how can you make sure everything’s easy to find?

Here’s a tip that’ll help you out…

Set up a file naming system, and make sure you and your team know it and stick to it like your business depends on it!

(I was going to say like your life depends on it, but that’s possibly a bit dramatic!

Try to include the client’s name (or a shortened version if you like), the document type (eg “contract” or “invoice” and the date – again in a standardised way, for example always using YYYY.MM.DD

So an invoice from me might be:

2021.06.11 SHBK Invoice 1234

(You’ll notice that the date is backwards. This is deliberate, and means you can sort your list of documents by file name, and they’ll show up in date order.)

Then, no matter where in your workflow the document is, you’ll be able to use the Search function and find it…even if it’s been filed in the wrong place.

Which I’m sure never happens anyway, but better safe than sorry!

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