Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will your services cost me?

There's not a "one size fits all" bookkeeping package, so we'll need to know a few things about your business before we can answer that question, such as the size and setup (limited, sole trader, partnership) and which services you'll want us to provide.  For example, will you be raising your own sales invoices, are you VAT registered, do you have employees (and if so, who will run your payroll) and lots of other things to consider.  Because there are so many different options, we recommend that you book a discovery call.  This won't cost you anything, and we'll be able to discuss exactly how we can help you, and then give you a price which we'll confirm straight away in writing.

We're not aiming to be the cheapest bookkeepers around (we couldn't be as brilliant at what we do if we were busy focusing on keeping costs low!) and we don't base our fees purely on time spent working for you, so there's no hourly rate.

I'm looking for a bookkeeper to work at my office.  Can you do that?

Although there are lots of bookkeepers who do offer on-site work, we only work remotely.  We're a small business (possibly just like you) and from experience we've learned that we're best equipped to give all our clients as much attention as they deserve when we're working in our own space.  We appreciate that sometimes you have to have your bookkeeper on site, but it is worth considering the alternative - you just need to let us have your paperwork, and we'll work on your bookkeeping at our office.  We'll give you a login to your QuickBooks Online software, so you'll always be able to see how we're getting on.

I'm not local to you.  Can you still do my bookkeeping for me?

Of course we can!  In this wonderful age of technology, it really doesn't matter where in the UK you're based.  If at any time you need us to talk you through your accounts, we'll hold a virtual meeting with you, using screen-sharing, and it'll be just like we're there with you.

How do I get my paperwork to you if you're not working in my office?

You can provide your paperwork either in electronic (scanned/emailed) or paper form (in person if you're nearby; posted if you're not local) - whichever is easiest for you.  And if going "paperless" is something you'd like to do but are not quite sure how to go about it, we'll help you get it all set up.

What methods of payment do you accept?

The easiest way to pay us is to set up a monthly direct debit.  We'll send you an online form when you sign up with us so there's no paperwork involved.

OK, I'm interested.  What's next?

Book your discovery call with us, get your price proposal and we'll guide you through the rest of the process.

If your question isn't answered above, you can use our contact form to ask us whatever you need to know, or to book your discovery call.

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