Would you prefer to have all the setup done for you?

No problem!

Here's a list of done-for-you services:

Inbox Detox


How’s your email inbox right now?


Is it a calm and organised system that’s working for you and your clients?

Or is it an endless, messy list that you have to wade through every day and just hope you don’t miss something important?

If it’s the latter, then you need an Inbox Detox!

For £79 you can hand your inbox over to me and I’ll set up rules and filters to make sure you get to see your important messages, unsubscribe from the junk and set the less important stuff to one side until you’ve decided what to do with it.

I promise your peace of mind will thank you for it!

Zapier Setup




Zapier is a great app for linking two pieces of software so that you’re not doubling up on work or doing stuff manually that could be automated.

From downloading email attachments into client folders to creating invoices in QuickBooks when you receive a payment through Stripe or PayPal, it’ll do all the little nitty gritty jobs that take up your valuable time.

From £99 you can choose five things you’d like to automate, and I’ll set them up for you.  (Price quoted is for basic tasks - will be higher if more complex tasks are wanted.)

Online Form Setup


How are your business’s forms set up?

On paper, in a Word document or a PDF that has to be manually entered into your CRM, payroll/HR or accounts software?

An online form is easy to share with your clients/employees, less likely to get lost, and can be encrypted so that the data it contains stays secure.

Get online forms set up in Cognito Forms from £79 each.

If you have a number of forms you’d like setting up, please get in touch for a project price instead.

Online Filing Cabinet Setup


Systems such as Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive are a simple way to have all your data to hand wherever you’re working.

But unless they’re set up in a structured way, they’re not going to be as helpful as you’d want them to be.

Get them working for you by organising all your files into a system of folders, with a logical flow of “paperwork” through it.

And for £79, you can get that system set up for you.

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