Are your Apps like Ducks?

One way to cut down on overwhelm when you’re automating your business is to treat your apps like ducks…

When you start to automate tasks, you’re also going to start collecting apps. The intention is obviously to free up space in your head so that you can be focusing on less admin-y things. But how will you get into the habit of using them? Or even remember what they’re all called?

Here’s where the ducks come in…
Get them all in a row!

Each time you start using a new online system or app, bookmark it on your web browser. Then sort all your bookmarks into the order you’ll be opening them each day.

For example, the first few apps on my Bookmarks bar are:

Toggl – to remind me to start tracking my working time.
Emails – I check mine three times a day and then close them altogether, to save getting distracted every time a new message comes in.
Trello – where I organise all my lists and processes.
Senta – accounting-industry-specific practice management software.
Dext (formerly known as Receipt Bank) – to see which of my clients have uploaded items for me to work on.
QuickBooks – where I do the bookkeeping work, for all my clients and also SHBK.

Once you’ve got everything lined up on your browser, it’s helpful to do the same on your phone and tablet, so you can be just as productive on the go:

• Download the mobile app for each bit of software you’re using.
• Drag them all into a folder so they’re all together on your home screen. (I call mine “Productivity” but you can be more imaginative with yours if you like!)
• In the folder, sort the apps into the same order as they appear on your computer’s browser.

With everything in the same place, and in the same order, you’ll become familiar with them more quickly, making your switch to paperless, automated systems even easier.

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(Image by Alexas Fotos from Pixabay.)